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Neurosurgery and Neurology

Physical Therapy

New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute

Mission Statement

 At the New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute (NJPNI), we believe that every patient should receive exceptional and individualized care.  Our mission is to provide the best possible healthcare in the areas of childhood developmental disorders, pediatric neurological diseases and pediatric neurosurgical diseases.   We seek to improve your child’s health and lifestyle by delivering an expedited and accurate diagnosis, thorough explanation of treatment options and prompt initiation of appropriate surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Family involvement, support and education are critical to a child’s understanding of their illness, treatment of and recovery from that illness.  We understand that the entire family is affected by childhood illness and that the needs of each family, like each child, are unique.  We believe that by working together, with patients and their families, our neurosurgeons, neurologists, ancillary healthcare providers, therapists and orthotists deliver the best care in the world.  We treat every child, and every family, as our own and our patients’ lives have become an important part of our lives.   By sharing their stories with you we hope that you may better understand the type of care we provide at NJPNI.

News & Events


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13th National Conference on Hydrocephalus in Portland, OR, from July 9-11, 2014

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